Monday, February 21, 2011

GoToApp 4

GoToApp is an app organizer tool. Apps can be organized in various folders. Folders appear as tabs inside GoToApp. Once you are familiar with the menu options and settings it should be an easy to use app. Following are the list of major features.


After the installation a setup program is run and that creates few folders and allocates installed apps to these folders. There is one special folder named All Apps. All Apps folder shows all the apps installed on your device.

View Modes

There are few view modes to choose from. The edit position mode helps in positioning the apps in the list. Other view modes helps in displaying the apps in various densities.


Apps can be sorted by position, name, package or installed date. Generally sorting by position and name are useful. Use the menu->settings option to persist your sorting.


A folder can be created as a main folder or a child folder. A main folder can be converted into a child folder and vice versa. A child folder can be assigned to one or more main folders.

Launch Folder

Use the menu command to select a folder as launch folder. When GoToApp is started content of the launch folder is displayed.

New App Folder

Use menu command to select a new app folder. When a new app is installed it will be automatically assigned to this folder. Create a folder named New Apps and select it as the new app folder. It is not necessary to select a new app folder. All installed apps appear in All Apps folder.

Change of Folder Icon

Now the folder icon can be modified. The default choice is to create the icons automatically from the first four apps in the folder. You can choose to select icon from a particular app or select it from a file in sdcard. The icon file should be in PNG format and the size should about 72x72 pixel size.

Reload Icons

Use this menu command to recreate or reload the folder icons. Folder icons are automatically created from first few apps(sorted by position) in the folder. Icons uploaded from SD Card are uploaded again(ignored when file is not found).


Background color of the app list can be changed to few preset colors.

Screen shots with caption